• Ruchira Maniar

6 peaceful Buddha paintings you need to check out

Gautam Buddha was a philosopher, mendicant, meditator, spiritual teacher, and religious leader who lived in Ancient India.(Wikipedia) With an enigmatic yet peaceful face, Buddha is a joy to paint. Here are 6 of my best Buddha paintings that you should check out.

Siddhartha Gautama went on a quest for enlightenment around the sixth century BC. Here is one of my best efforts when it comes to painting Siddhartha or as we know him, Gautam Buddha. The painting took a lot of time to complete simply due to its intricacy and size. The green backdrop with the Buddha statue was a treat to paint. Made in a 36 x 20 (inches) Canvas, in the oil medium, here is a peaceful Buddha painting.

Here is a painting of Buddha resting around flowers, with the backdrop of bamboo. The contrast of blue Buddha and the brown bamboos are eye-catching, in my humble opinion. The painting was made in a 36 x 24 canvas, in the oil medium.

Made on a canvas of the size 24 X 24 inches, this is an abstract Buddha painting. I used my artistic liberty to explore the serenity of Buddha with bright colors, like blue, yellow, and green.

This is a serene Buddha painting, with the symbolic white lotus, made on a canvas of 24 x 24 inches, in mixed media. The peacefulness of Buddha really allows a painter to attempt to instill a simple painting with positivity.

This painting allowed me to instill the emotion of thoughtfulness coupled with thoughtlessness. The unusual combination of blue with red and yellow maple leaves allowed me to try something new in this painting. In my opinion the image does not do justice to the painting.

This painting was an effort to create a fusion of texture and colors, to explore a peaceful Buddha. The background is engraved with Buddha symbols. Made on a 24 x 24 inches canvas, this painting has used the acrylic medium.